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Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

posted on 02/02/2020

amazon smile chrome extension

If you are a seller on Amazon, it means you are getting storage, packaging and shipment help from Amazon. However, there are certain things that you have to manage all by yourself such as product research, calculating the profit you are earning from Amazon, etc. This is where Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions assist you. In this article, you will get to know about some of the most useful Amazon Chrome Extensions.

How are Amazon Chrome Extensions Useful?

To run any type of online business successfully, the owners must be aware of the latest trends and technologies that can help them save time and money. The Amazon Chrome extension is a type of business tool that does the same for Amazon FBA sellers.

Amazon extension for Chrome is basically the web browser’s plugin but plays a significant role in boosting your Amazon sales. These extensions help the sellers with product research, tracking competition, relevant keyword research and much more and make your work easy and simple.

Best Amazon Extensions for FBA Sellers

Although there are many Amazon chrome extensions available, here we have listed some of the most useful ones. These extensions can be found easily on the chrome web store. At first we will place IO Scout Chrome Extension because it is the top chrome extension.

1. IO Scout Extension

IO Scout Extension is the ideal chrome amazon extension for the sellers who want to find the right products to sell on Amazon that have the potential to generate high profits.

Whether you want to see monthly revenues, yearly sales, historical trends or any other important market data, this amazon chrome extension helps you with all. It comes with three subscription plans, each having a different cost. The best IO Scout product ranking tracker for Amazon in 2020. You can choose the one according to your needs; for example, the beginner plan is perfect for new sellers who are selling their product for the first time.

amazon extension for chrome

2. AMZScout (PRO) 

If you are confused about which product you should sell next on Amazon that will be easy to sell and doesn’t have high competition, AMZScout (PRO) will make this easier for you.   AMZScout (PRO) is an amazon smile chrome extension which is loaded with a lot of useful features that can help you become a top seller.

Not only can you estimate monthly sales, income, and revenue through this amazon chrome extension but it also shows product sales history, calculates the FBA fee and allows you to monitor your competitor’s sales. Not to mention, it can also conduct keyword research.

You can use it for free for 7 days after which you can choose from three different paid subscription plans.

amazon smile chrome extension

3. Jungle Scout Amazon Extension Chrome

Jungle Scout is undoubtedly one of the best  amazon chrome extensions . It not only makes the process of searching for profitable products quite easy but also approximates sales data. 

When you open Jungle Scout Chrome Extension on your browser, it displays the key details of top-selling products of the niche you are searching for. From average monthly sales and average selling price to average reviews, this amazon chrome extension shows all the important calculations that can help you decide if it is profitable to sell products in this niche or should you look for another product. The pro version all tells you the product opportunity score.

However, this extension is not free but the benefits it provides are worth it. The pro version costs more than the lite but has more features as well.

Amazon Chrome Extension

4. Helium 10 Chrome Extension Amazon

In today’s world, keywords play a vital role in increasing the sales of any product. Helium 10 is a great amazon seller chrome extension that helps the sellers with finding the best keywords for their products.

However, keywords research is just one of the many features that Helium 10 offers. It also helps with product research by calculating the market data and can also estimate the profits. What’s more, it lets you download reviews of your competitors as well, so that you can have a proper understanding of what the customers want.

chrome amazon extension


Amazon Chrome Extensions are undoubtedly very useful in selling successfully on Amazon. Not only that, they are time-saving as well. However, not all extensions are useful for every seller. So, you should spend proper time on testing and evaluating them in order to find those that are perfect for your business.


Q: Are Amazon extensions available for free?

A: It really depends on which extension you want to use. Some extensions are paid while some offer free trials. However, some are absolutely free.

Q: Are Amazon extensions really useful?

A: Without a doubt. Amazon extensions make the process of finding the right product to sell, very easy by estimating sales and profits, etc. and calculating the competitors’ sales. They also calculate other important market data. It would take several if you were to calculate all these stats by yourself.

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