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AMZScout Review

posted on 03/02/2020

In today’s competitive world, being a top seller on Amazon is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary that before you sell a product you evaluate its competition, demand and sales estimates and decide accordingly if you should invest in this product or not. There are many top-notch tools out there that can help you with finding the right product to sell such as amzscout. With a product database of around 20 million products, AMZScout is among the best amazon product research tools.

Here, we have reviewed amz scout pro along with its features of including amzscout chrome extension, amzscout fba calculator, amz scout x4, etc.

amzscout pro

What is AMZScout pro and How is it useful?

AMZScout is an Amazon product research tool that helps FBA sellers with sales and revenue estimation, find them the most accurate keywords and allow them to closely monitor their rivals. It also calculates profits, shows sales history trends and price information of the lowest price seller. Not to mention, you can also find suppliers for your products.

AMZScout is available as a web-app and chrome extension. The amzscout pro extension is loaded with numerous features and is easy to use.

AMZScout Pricing

If you are looking for amzscout free, you can try AMZScout web-app as a 7 day free trial by signing up to AMZScout, after that you can subscribe to any of the three web-app subscription plans available for $29.99, $39.99 and $59.99 per month.

The amzscout extension is available for $44.99 per month or alternatively, you can use it forever by purchasing it for a lifetime for 199 dollars.

AMZScout Web App VS AMZScout Chrome Extension

AMZScout web app and chrome extension both consist of great features. The amzscout extension can be used directly on Amazon when you are browsing on chrome and it gives data instantly. It is a very easy and simple way of analyzing the products and finding the perfect niche.

AMZScout web app, on the other hand, can be used on any browser through the amzscout website. The web app has more advanced functions such as a bigger database etc. compared to the extension and doesn’t require you to open amazon for product research.  

AMZScout Tools

Product Tracker

This tool by AMZScout is a great way to monitor the activity of your rivals and competitors as it allows you to track their product pricing and sales. You can then set your prices accordingly to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Sales Estimator

Through this tool, you can decide whether you should invest in a certain product or not. It gives you an accurate estimate of how much your product is going to sell so that you can choose the right product. You can also get revenue estimates and find the future competition of a product through AMZScout.

From profit calculation to product sales history, this tool shows all the useful information.

Keyword Research Tool

The AMZScout Keyword Research Tool brings you the most relevant keywords for your products. By using these keywords, you can write the perfect product listing and rank your products higher on Amazon.

FBA Fee Calculator

This calculator is a perfect way to decide how should you sell your products. Through this tool, you can evaluate if fulfillment by amazon is a good option or should you look for another one.


Q: What is the price of AMZScout?

A: AMZScout is available at different prices depending on the package you choose. There are three different web-app subscription packages while the pro extension can either be used on a monthly basis or purchased for a lifetime. 

Q: Is AMZScout good for Amazon sellers?

A: Undoubtedly, it is a perfect tool for Amazon sellers. Whether you want to find the right niche or perfect keywords for your product, this tool offers all the features a seller needs.

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