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FBA Toolkit Review


There’s a high chance that you’ve heard about numerous Amazon software designed for FBA sellers looking to push their businesses to greater heights. These tools help them stay competitive and relevant by providing them with valuable data and market strategies to make their businesses thrive. 

What is FBA Toolkit

FBA Toolkit is a web toolkit that is crucial for the success of any FBA campaign. Amazon FBA Toolkit offers three powerful features: a tool to calculate numbers sold daily for a particular sales rank, Product Tracking, and Price List Analysis. 

FBA Toolkit Pricing

FBA Toolkit offers five monthly subscription plans to its users, they are: 

Scouter Plan: This plan costs $5 monthly and allows access to track 10 products, 100 price lists daily,100 barcode scanner uses daily and the first month free.

Starter Plan: The starter plan costs $50 monthly. Subscribers of this plan can track 250 items, 1000 price lists daily,

500 barcode scanner uses daily and no restriction to all tracked products on the website (market restrictions may apply).

Business Plan: This plan costs $250. With this plan you can track 2500 items, 5000 price lists daily, 1000 barcode scanner uses daily and no restriction to all tracked products on the website (market restrictions apply).

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan is available at $500 monthly, it offers its subscribers access to track 10,000 products, 15,000 price lists daily, 2000 barcode scanner uses, training and guidance, and no restriction to all tracked products on the website. 

Elite Plan: The Elite Plan is the ideal package for full-time bigshot FBA sellers. It offers its subscribers 30,000 tracked products, 50,000 daily price lists, 5000 daily barcode scanner uses, training and guidance, and no restriction to all tracked products on the website. 

FBA Toolkit Features

FBA Toolkit Chrome is integrated with three research tools for Amazon FBA sellers: sales rank or sales volume estimations, price list analysis, and product tracking.

Sales Rank works through Amazon sales rank and category. Price List Analysis displays Amazon data for a plethora of products uploaded on a spreadsheet. Product Tracking is used to observe price, inventory, and sales of all sellers of a chosen product. A more detailed breakdown of these features will be given below. 

Price List Analysis

The Price List Analysis is the primary tool of FBA Toolkit. This tool allows you upload a list of product ASINs into a spreadsheet file (e.g Google Sheets) and a voluntary price field and it'll produce a result with data that will make your purchasing choices a lot easier. 

amazon fba toolkit

Sales Rank (Sales Volume Estimator)

The Sales Estimator is an FBA tool that gives you access to a product’s monthly sales volume through its ASIN. Apart from the sales estimate, you’ll also find the number of sellers competing on that product, this bit of information can be vital when you plan your strategies as it lets you avoid overly-competitive products.

fba toolkit chrome

Sales Volume Estimator also has a feature that shows you the history product’s cost and volume of sales from the time it was added to the FBA Toolkit database. With this information handy, you’ll be in a better position to speculate on the product’s future performance. 

Product Tracking

This last tool allows you to track a product’s cost, stock, and number of sales.

How to use FBA Toolkit 

You can use the FBA toolkit in three simple steps.

1. Access the info section of the product found in the list and locate the category or BSR. 

2. Search the category, for example, “Cell phones & Accessories” and input the BSR rank you are interested in.

3. FBA Toolkit will now display to you the available data for the product right beside the input field.

Final Thoughts 

FBA Toolkit is great for Amazon FBA sellers of all levels because it offers a flexible pricing system that meets the needs of beginners and pros alike. The fact is, a beginner won’t have use for some advanced features until they have a stronger foothold on the market. This software isn’t like some others that have everything compressed into a few plans to push beginners to pay for tools they won’t need.


What markets are supported by FBA Toolkit? 

FBA Toolkit is supported in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, and Mexico. 

Does FBA Toolkit offer free trial? 

FBA Toolkit offers you the first month free if you choose to subscribe to the Scouter plan. 

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?  

FBA Toolkit may be canceled whenever you want, but there isn’t any full or partial refund.

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