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Top Selling Items on Amazon


top selling products on amazon

Amazon started its business in 1994 and slowly it took the world by storm. It is the biggest online market place at the moment that sells almost each and every product. You name it, and amazon would have it. We all know that this industry is booming and it is becoming tough to for online shoppers to find products at the right place. Quality and ease of shopping stand come next.

Since Amazon has developed its reputation as a reliable source of online shopping among its customers, it has a unlimited variety of things by dissecting each and every element of it. It is a tough task when you have to decide best-selling amazon products.

How to Choose Top Selling Items on Amazon

Everything on Amazon is of top quality. But while choosing something from top selling products on Amazon, everyone gets stuck as to how to choose. As per a report ,it is evident that in the year 2016, Amazon was the major contributor for 43% of all online sales in the United States of America. That shows that it is a trustworthy place to start selling your products.

Let us narrow down a few tips to help you choose top selling items on amazon.

1.Research Top-Selling Products

This is the first major step before starting any retail business online. Go through Amazon's best sellers list of each category and see what is selling on Amazon. It will display the top 100 products trending on the website.

2.Use IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator

3. Analyze the Competition

Once you have found the top-selling amazon products, now analyze the competition you have to face and analyze if you can beat this competition or not. This can be analyzed by going through the reviews a particular product has. If it is in 1000s, you probably need years to beat that and have that many reviews on your product. So choose wisely.

4.Research Shipping Costs and Fees

While looking for most sold items on Amazon, you also have to know the shipping, packaging costs along with amazon seller’s fee. The total cost must be between 25 % to 30% . Better quality products always sell better and pay off quickly as well.

Finding Best-Selling Products in Amazon with IO Scout Tool

Many software and available to find the top Amazon products. But none of them is as accurate as of the IO Scout tool. You can search for the desired top-selling items in every category by selecting:

  1. Product category
  2. Price parameters
  3. Title, keywords, or name of the product
  4. Product tier
  5. Shipping method

Once the desired selection is made, it will show you a long list items with ratings, total revenues, and the number of sales. You can also bookmark the products you searched for future.

  Best Selling Items on Amazon

Searching best-selling item son amazon can be a daunting task. Amazon is an extremely popular e-commerce place, especially for third-party sellers. The rapid increase in third party sales provides a variety of things for buyers. Selling on amazon depends on how you find the right products that will empty your inventory in no time.

Here are the best selling products currently on amazon:

  1. Toys and games
  2. Electronics, gadgets, electronics accessories
  3. Video games
  4. Camera and photo accessories
  5. Books
  6. Clothes, shoes, and jewelry
  7. Beauty and Personal care items
  8. Skincare items
  9. Home, garden, and kitchen
  10. Nutrition
  11. Home décor items
  12. Supplements

Final Thoughts

lose can be heart breaking. This could happen because the items you selected are not in demand or do not interest buyers. We hope that this article will help you for selecting the best products.

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FBA Toolkit Review


There’s a high chance that you’ve heard about numerous Amazon software designed for FBA sellers looking to push their businesses to greater heights. These tools help them stay competitive and relevant by providing them with valuable data and market strategies to make their businesses thrive. 

What is FBA Toolkit

FBA Toolkit is a web toolkit that is crucial for the success of any FBA campaign. Amazon FBA Toolkit offers three powerful features: a tool to calculate numbers sold daily for a particular sales rank, Product Tracking, and Price List Analysis. 

FBA Toolkit Pricing

FBA Toolkit offers five monthly subscription plans to its users, they are: 

Scouter Plan: This plan costs $5 monthly and allows access to track 10 products, 100 price lists daily,100 barcode scanner uses daily and the first month free.

Starter Plan: The starter plan costs $50 monthly. Subscribers of this plan can track 250 items, 1000 price lists daily,

500 barcode scanner uses daily and no restriction to all tracked products on the website (market restrictions may apply).

Business Plan: This plan costs $250. With this plan you can track 2500 items, 5000 price lists daily, 1000 barcode scanner uses daily and no restriction to all tracked products on the website (market restrictions apply).

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan is available at $500 monthly, it offers its subscribers access to track 10,000 products, 15,000 price lists daily, 2000 barcode scanner uses, training and guidance, and no restriction to all tracked products on the website. 

Elite Plan: The Elite Plan is the ideal package for full-time bigshot FBA sellers. It offers its subscribers 30,000 tracked products, 50,000 daily price lists, 5000 daily barcode scanner uses, training and guidance, and no restriction to all tracked products on the website. 

FBA Toolkit Features

FBA Toolkit Chrome is integrated with three research tools for Amazon FBA sellers: sales rank or sales volume estimations, price list analysis, and product tracking.

Sales Rank works through Amazon sales rank and category. Price List Analysis displays Amazon data for a plethora of products uploaded on a spreadsheet. Product Tracking is used to observe price, inventory, and sales of all sellers of a chosen product. A more detailed breakdown of these features will be given below. 

Price List Analysis

The Price List Analysis is the primary tool of FBA Toolkit. This tool allows you upload a list of product ASINs into a spreadsheet file (e.g Google Sheets) and a voluntary price field and it'll produce a result with data that will make your purchasing choices a lot easier. 

amazon fba toolkit

Sales Rank (Sales Volume Estimator)

The Sales Estimator is an FBA tool that gives you access to a product’s monthly sales volume through its ASIN. Apart from the sales estimate, you’ll also find the number of sellers competing on that product, this bit of information can be vital when you plan your strategies as it lets you avoid overly-competitive products.

fba toolkit chrome

Sales Volume Estimator also has a feature that shows you the history product’s cost and volume of sales from the time it was added to the FBA Toolkit database. With this information handy, you’ll be in a better position to speculate on the product’s future performance. 

Product Tracking

This last tool allows you to track a product’s cost, stock, and number of sales.

How to use FBA Toolkit 

You can use the FBA toolkit in three simple steps.

1. Access the info section of the product found in the list and locate the category or BSR. 

2. Search the category, for example, “Cell phones & Accessories” and input the BSR rank you are interested in.

3. FBA Toolkit will now display to you the available data for the product right beside the input field.

Final Thoughts 

FBA Toolkit is great for Amazon FBA sellers of all levels because it offers a flexible pricing system that meets the needs of beginners and pros alike. The fact is, a beginner won’t have use for some advanced features until they have a stronger foothold on the market. This software isn’t like some others that have everything compressed into a few plans to push beginners to pay for tools they won’t need.


What markets are supported by FBA Toolkit? 

FBA Toolkit is supported in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, and Mexico. 

Does FBA Toolkit offer free trial? 

FBA Toolkit offers you the first month free if you choose to subscribe to the Scouter plan. 

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?  

FBA Toolkit may be canceled whenever you want, but there isn’t any full or partial refund.

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AMZScout Review


In today’s competitive world, being a top seller on Amazon is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary that before you sell a product you evaluate its competition, demand and sales estimates and decide accordingly if you should invest in this product or not. There are many top-notch tools out there that can help you with finding the right product to sell such as amzscout. With a product database of around 20 million products, AMZScout is among the best amazon product research tools.

Here, we have reviewed amz scout pro along with its features of including amzscout chrome extension, amzscout fba calculator, amz scout x4, etc.

amzscout pro

What is AMZScout pro and How is it useful?

AMZScout is an Amazon product research tool that helps FBA sellers with sales and revenue estimation, find them the most accurate keywords and allow them to closely monitor their rivals. It also calculates profits, shows sales history trends and price information of the lowest price seller. Not to mention, you can also find suppliers for your products.

AMZScout is available as a web-app and chrome extension. The amzscout pro extension is loaded with numerous features and is easy to use.

AMZScout Pricing

If you are looking for amzscout free, you can try AMZScout web-app as a 7 day free trial by signing up to AMZScout, after that you can subscribe to any of the three web-app subscription plans available for $29.99, $39.99 and $59.99 per month.

The amzscout extension is available for $44.99 per month or alternatively, you can use it forever by purchasing it for a lifetime for 199 dollars.

AMZScout Web App VS AMZScout Chrome Extension

AMZScout web app and chrome extension both consist of great features. The amzscout extension can be used directly on Amazon when you are browsing on chrome and it gives data instantly. It is a very easy and simple way of analyzing the products and finding the perfect niche.

AMZScout web app, on the other hand, can be used on any browser through the amzscout website. The web app has more advanced functions such as a bigger database etc. compared to the extension and doesn’t require you to open amazon for product research.  

AMZScout Tools

Product Tracker

This tool by AMZScout is a great way to monitor the activity of your rivals and competitors as it allows you to track their product pricing and sales. You can then set your prices accordingly to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Sales Estimator

Through this tool, you can decide whether you should invest in a certain product or not. It gives you an accurate estimate of how much your product is going to sell so that you can choose the right product. You can also get revenue estimates and find the future competition of a product through AMZScout.

From profit calculation to product sales history, this tool shows all the useful information.

Keyword Research Tool

The AMZScout Keyword Research Tool brings you the most relevant keywords for your products. By using these keywords, you can write the perfect product listing and rank your products higher on Amazon.

FBA Fee Calculator

This calculator is a perfect way to decide how should you sell your products. Through this tool, you can evaluate if fulfillment by amazon is a good option or should you look for another one.


Q: What is the price of AMZScout?

A: AMZScout is available at different prices depending on the package you choose. There are three different web-app subscription packages while the pro extension can either be used on a monthly basis or purchased for a lifetime. 

Q: Is AMZScout good for Amazon sellers?

A: Undoubtedly, it is a perfect tool for Amazon sellers. Whether you want to find the right niche or perfect keywords for your product, this tool offers all the features a seller needs.

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Best Amazon Chrome Extensions


amazon smile chrome extension

If you are a seller on Amazon, it means you are getting storage, packaging and shipment help from Amazon. However, there are certain things that you have to manage all by yourself such as product research, calculating the profit you are earning from Amazon, etc. This is where Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions assist you. In this article, you will get to know about some of the most useful Amazon Chrome Extensions.

How are Amazon Chrome Extensions Useful?

To run any type of online business successfully, the owners must be aware of the latest trends and technologies that can help them save time and money. The Amazon Chrome extension is a type of business tool that does the same for Amazon FBA sellers.

Amazon extension for Chrome is basically the web browser’s plugin but plays a significant role in boosting your Amazon sales. These extensions help the sellers with product research, tracking competition, relevant keyword research and much more and make your work easy and simple.

Best Amazon Extensions for FBA Sellers

Although there are many Amazon chrome extensions available, here we have listed some of the most useful ones. These extensions can be found easily on the chrome web store. At first we will place IO Scout Chrome Extension because it is the top chrome extension.

1. IO Scout Extension

IO Scout Extension is the ideal chrome amazon extension for the sellers who want to find the right products to sell on Amazon that have the potential to generate high profits.

Whether you want to see monthly revenues, yearly sales, historical trends or any other important market data, this amazon chrome extension helps you with all. It comes with three subscription plans, each having a different cost. The best IO Scout product ranking tracker for Amazon in 2020. You can choose the one according to your needs; for example, the beginner plan is perfect for new sellers who are selling their product for the first time.

amazon extension for chrome

2. AMZScout (PRO) 

If you are confused about which product you should sell next on Amazon that will be easy to sell and doesn’t have high competition, AMZScout (PRO) will make this easier for you.   AMZScout (PRO) is an amazon smile chrome extension which is loaded with a lot of useful features that can help you become a top seller.

Not only can you estimate monthly sales, income, and revenue through this amazon chrome extension but it also shows product sales history, calculates the FBA fee and allows you to monitor your competitor’s sales. Not to mention, it can also conduct keyword research.

You can use it for free for 7 days after which you can choose from three different paid subscription plans.

amazon smile chrome extension

3. Jungle Scout Amazon Extension Chrome

Jungle Scout is undoubtedly one of the best  amazon chrome extensions . It not only makes the process of searching for profitable products quite easy but also approximates sales data. 

When you open Jungle Scout Chrome Extension on your browser, it displays the key details of top-selling products of the niche you are searching for. From average monthly sales and average selling price to average reviews, this amazon chrome extension shows all the important calculations that can help you decide if it is profitable to sell products in this niche or should you look for another product. The pro version all tells you the product opportunity score.

However, this extension is not free but the benefits it provides are worth it. The pro version costs more than the lite but has more features as well.

Amazon Chrome Extension

4. Helium 10 Chrome Extension Amazon

In today’s world, keywords play a vital role in increasing the sales of any product. Helium 10 is a great amazon seller chrome extension that helps the sellers with finding the best keywords for their products.

However, keywords research is just one of the many features that Helium 10 offers. It also helps with product research by calculating the market data and can also estimate the profits. What’s more, it lets you download reviews of your competitors as well, so that you can have a proper understanding of what the customers want.

chrome amazon extension


Amazon Chrome Extensions are undoubtedly very useful in selling successfully on Amazon. Not only that, they are time-saving as well. However, not all extensions are useful for every seller. So, you should spend proper time on testing and evaluating them in order to find those that are perfect for your business.


Q: Are Amazon extensions available for free?

A: It really depends on which extension you want to use. Some extensions are paid while some offer free trials. However, some are absolutely free.

Q: Are Amazon extensions really useful?

A: Without a doubt. Amazon extensions make the process of finding the right product to sell, very easy by estimating sales and profits, etc. and calculating the competitors’ sales. They also calculate other important market data. It would take several if you were to calculate all these stats by yourself.

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Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools


A good product is just the beginning of the journey. Who is already out there on Amazon's market knows it well. Who is just about to launch their Amazon business may find it painful to discover. Behind the sales process, there is a whole bunch of software, tools, and applications designed both for shoppers and sellers. It's worth having a look at Product Research and Finder Tools by Amazon to discover a wide range of possibilities. Amazon product research software can work wonders! Until you decide on the best Amazon product research tool , let’s take a look at the list of the most interesting choices.  

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools 

Amazon Product Research Tools enable your exploration of the most searched for products online. Even if having the right product in your listing is just a starting point, it's something worth taking up. Calculate your Amazon revenue and fees with IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator and find the most profitable products. Let's review top paid Amazon Product Research Tools.

IO Scout

amazon product analysis

One of the best Amazon research tools to upgrade your Amazon store's effectiveness uncovered! Compared to other apps, IO Scout shows higher data accuracy. With IO Scout, you are going to look for products with low competition and high margins. Some hard facts - 30,000 sellers use IO Scout research tools and sales analysis, 120,000,000 products are available for research, and every one hour tracked products are updated. That's pretty impressive! If you want to start your Amazon fba product research, you better reach out for IO Scout!

A Start-up plan $29/per month, billed monthly

A Seller plan $49/per month

A Business plan $69/per month

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has some treats for who looks for good Amazon Product Research Tools and good Amazon product database . What will a well-known Jungle Scout do for you? It's going to discover potentially profitable merchandise, help you launch and scale your business on Amazon, make data-driven decisions, and seriously centralize your product research. Jungle Scout is known far and wide for years. There must be a valid reason for it! 

amazon product research tool

No free trial 

14-day money back guarantee

$39 /month - Jungle Scout

$49 /month - Jungle Scout & Extension 

$19 /month - Extension

Helium 10 

"Black Box" by the "insanely powerful" (as the authors like to call it) Helium 10 is all you need to kick off your product research effectively. "Black Box" provides a database of over 450 million merchandise. Filters that you require to detect your chosen product or niche are smart enough to help you find what you need with no effort. You can search both by ordinary preferences like price, category, monthly sales, and ratings, as well as less obvious Amazon product search like a number of images or weight. There is also another Amazon Product Research tool called “Xray”.. It gives a bird's-eye view of an Amazon market to sellers.

amazon product research

Free up to 20 keywords

Platinum Plan - $97/month

Diamond Plan - $197/month

Elite Plan - $397/month

Viral Launch

What can Viral Launch do for you? The list of benefits seems never-ending. It gets you clicks and sales to win over your competitors, it conducts all your research and then uses the Tracker to reevaluate them. In other words, Viral Launch brings your business' intelligence to sophisticated levels. Based on the highly developed database, your activity on Amazon is going to be enriched with the most relevant and accurate product finder.

Free trial for a short period

Beginner $50/month

Pro $83/month

AMZ Scout  

AMZ Scout is an in-browser extension that provides you with competition analysis and a forecast of your business' activity. It will also get you a profit estimate regarding your product idea. Just like the other masters in the field, this product research Amazon tool is great at finding profitable merchandise. In search of the best sale, thanks to AMZ Scout, you get estimated revenue figures by comparing your product to others, due to the key - low competition, high demand. 

$29 per month

$99 per year

$249 for life

One month free trial

Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools

As we have seen, many extensions and apps focus on being highly professional (and sometimes quite expensive) in offering you the best product research Amazon. However, some tools result to be equally beneficial to your business, but they happily require no payment. Let's see what's at stake. 


Not as complicated as it sounds, Camelcamelcamel makes you visualize a pricing trend. Thanks to this short Amazon product analysis, you can make your mind on future selling decisions on a particular product. 


Keepa lets you envision another trend. You can, for example, view the past three months of the product existence on the market and notice whether its price was stable. This trend will help you describe the upcoming pricing level of the product on the market.  


Not the cosmic one, but quite an earthy device, Sonar, that lets you know the trending keywords that customers use. Researching keyword trends for your niche has great potential! With the use of this tool, you can significantly maximize your seasonal sales. 


Amazon market research is a crucial step to launch your sales career. You need to get acknowledged with the available best Amazon tools, as the major part of your competition is already using them! Be aware that there are many amazing Amazon product finder software. The best of them are just at hand, so do your research well and find out the best solutions for your company!


What are Amazon product research tools?

Every kind of Amazon product research tool listed above was designed to help you find winning product concepts for your Amazon sale. Amazon market research is an important step to take before launching your business if you want to be successful without taking major risks. 

Why is Amazon product research important?

Amazon product research is so important because thanks to it, you get an idea of what your potential customers may desire. Their concerns and requirements are also taken under the magnifying glass. When you launch a product, you shouldn't forget about your customers' needs, and get your product tailored accordingly. Amazon product research helps also to filter new ideas of the upcoming listings in your offer.  

What you can do with Amazon product finder tools? 

With Amazon product finder tools you can improve your buyers' shopping experience by verifying the quality of your listings. When you are launching your new sale, with Amazon product finder tools you can research keywords and products to prepare them for a good sale, and get brand-new product ideas. 

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